Thursday, December 2, 2010


direction or directions. both things i seem to have a difficult time with. but don't we all? i started this blog with the idea that we were creating a blog as if we would use it in a classroom. therefore, i have posted several items that i thought my students would find interesting or appealing. however, as i am looking at my peers blogs i have come to find that either the direction i was going in was "off" or i inadvertently did not follow directions. either way i will take the time to reflect on my experience in this class thus far now.

this semester has been quite interesting for me. what i expected to learn and what i ended up learning are altogether different. i suppose i thought i would learn new forms of technology, however i have learned more advanced ways of using technologies that i already use commonly. technology is so multifunctional and multifaceted. in undergrad i studied journalism. i used the same technologies- microsoft word, powerpoint, and a variety of other technologies. but at that time my objective was not to teach, it was to communicate to an audience of a different kind. for this reason this class as been very beneficial. i now feel like i can use technology in very applicable ways that i would not have thought about otherwise. i also feel more proficient to do so. overall, i believe this has been a successful experience in EDT610. my only hope is that my grade is reflective of this, even though it appears my direction(s) skills are lacking!

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